Bitlife Mod APK V 1.35.1 Unlimited Money Free Download

BitLife Mod APK is a life simulator game developed by Candywriter. It is a very popular game among all the world’s player. This game is a story-based. In this game, the players can select a character and play with this character from birth to death. From birth to death, there are several stages of games. There are multiple tasks for you in this game.

Bitlife mod apk

In this game, there are multiple stages of life are schooling, growing, studying, love, job, and other stages. The players can mold their character according to their choice. They can make decisions about their character. The positive decisions will be fruitful for the character, and wrong decisions like bad attitude lead to risks in life.

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Features of BitLife Mod APK

Bitizenship Unlocked

Bitizenship is a special premium feature of BitLife Mod APK. But in the Mod version, you can get these features without any costs. By using this feature, you can get access to premium things like Pet, Post the status of your character on different social media platforms.

Bitlife mod apk

There is also a dark-mode in this game, which made it easier for the player to play the game at night. Also, you can join the gangs of prisons. It allows the players to view the exam and contact their teachers.

Control on your character

This game revolves around a character. The Mod version allows controlling their character. The players can choose everything for their character. They can control the behavior and personality of the character. The players can choose everything for their character. The players can choose a job for the character. They can also control the emotions and willpower of the character.

Build Relationships

In this game, the players can make a relationship with other characters. They can make a relationship with people like classmates, parents, girls, and friends. They can date their girlfriends, and also, the players have a choice for their sex partners and marry anyone. The players can exchange gifts. So they can live like a family. The positive and best relationship will lead to the best results for character life.

Working and studying

There are several stages in this game. In early life, the characters have to work hard to study. The student’s characters can avail of the student’s loan. The characters have to work hard in professional life to get a great job.

Unlock God Mode

The God Mode is also a premium feature of the BitLife simulator game. It allows the users to change the name and states of their characters. They can change the name at any time and also multiple times. It also allows us to change the features of characters.  In the Mod version, the players can avail of this feature without any cost. So they can enjoy this feature free and make progress in-game.

Adopt good hobbies

This game is like real life, so the users can adopt different hobbies. Good hobbies will lead to the best life. The Mod version allows the players to adopt hobbies for their character.

No Ads

In Bit Life Mod APK, there are no ads. The players can enjoy the life of their character without any disturbance.

Unlock premium features

In the Mod version, all premium features are unlocked. The players can unlock the premium features without any cost. The premium features like Bitzenship, God mode, etc.

How to download BitLife Mod APK On your Android Mobile?

Follow these steps to download and install the game on your mobile.


  • Go to the settings and enable “apps from unknown sources.”
  • Search the APK file and click on it.
  • Tap on “Install” to install the app.
  • It takes a few seconds to install.
  • After installation, tap on the “open” button to open and use the app.



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