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CSR Classic Mod APK is a famous drag racing game. It is most popular among racing game lovers. This is the best racing game with popular features. In this game, you do not need to control the car during the race. You just control the car by shift and break. The matches in this game are not long but the matches are short. Each match lasts for a few seconds or minutes.

This game is simple and easy to play. But to become an expert in this game, you need more experience. In this game, there is a variety of cars. There are millions of players in this game. So the competition is high. Also, this game has the very best graphics and allover it is an interesting game.

Features of CSR Classic Mod APK

Variety of classic cars

This drag racing game contains a variety of cars. No other vehicles are available in this game. Many types of classic cars are available for racing purposes. There are more than 50 cars in this game. The user can unlock their favorite car.

Each car has its ability. The racing capacity of each car is different. All the car work on the same method. The driving method is the same for all cars. So you do not need to worry about cars driving. All the cars are beautiful and classic. So car selection and variety of cars is a special feature of this game.

Easy to play

Most of the drag racing games are difficult to play because they can not be controlled easily. The CSR Classic Mod APK is very simple to play. The new player can play this game easily due to its simple controlling system.

During the race, the car is controlled easily. The is controlled only by shift and break. The acceleration is automatic. You only need to pay attention to the gauge cluster on the screen and follow instructions.

Hard to become master

It is easy to play this game but it is not easy to become a master of this game. It requires very good experience to become a master of this game. With the progress of the game you to race against the best and faster cars.

You need special skills to compete with these fast and better cars. You have to shift up immediately when the opponent car leaving you in the dust. For this purpose tune your car and avoid distraction. To become a master of this game also need more attention during race.

World wide competition

CSR Classic Mod APK is a popular game all over the world. You will race against worldwide players. It is a great challenge for you to compete with the world’s best players. So it is not an easy task.

But also it is a for you to make a race against the world’s best racing players. So try your best to win the match. If you win the match you will get special prizes and cars. These prizes and cars are only achieved by the race against the best players.

Best Graphics

This drag racing game is also popular due to its high quality best graphics. This feature makes the game more popular among all the other racing games. There are attractive backgrounds in this game. The cars in this game are also very attractive due to the special design. Everything in this game is designed in the best way to give a better experience to the players.

CSR Classic Mod APK


In this game, the players can custom the parts of cars. The cars need constant updates. If you do not upgrade your car then you will not work properly. All the body parts of the car can be upgraded by spending money. Car paint can also be changed. You can also decals to your car.

CSR Classic Mod APK


CSR Classic Mod APK is the best drag racing game. The matches of this are shorter than other racing games. A variety of cars are available in this game. Over 50 classic cars can be unlocked in this game. The cars need a constant upgrade. It is a multiplayer game and the competition is all over the world.

It is very easy to play this game but to become a master of this game needs special skills. The parts of cars also need regular up-gradation for better performance. Also, this game has a unique design and best graphics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this game is free to download?

Answer: Yes, this game is free to download.

  1. Is this game is safe?

Answer: Yes this game is safe to use.

  1. Can the new players play this game?

Answer: Yes, this game is easy to play. So the new players can play this game easily.

  1. Is this game needs money to play?

Answer: No, this game does not need money to play. It is free to play.

What's new

  • Bugs are fixed
  • Improvements in features and gameplay

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