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Idle Wizard School Mod APK is a unique android role-playing game. This game is very interesting and is full of fun. The game is developed by BattleCry and it works well on android version 5.0 and above. The latest version of the game is V 1.9.1, and its size is 37MB. The game has many wizard stories, and you are in a world where there are magic and schools. In these schools magic of science is taught.

Idle Wizard School Mod APK

You will explore the world of magic and manage your school. You will play the role of managing director of the school, and it is your responsibility to take care of school staff, students, and school building in a friendly manner. The job is to build and expand the school with magic coins.

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The gamer has the opportunity to build classrooms, halls, sports fields, and expand hostels with the help of magic coins. You can collect magic coins through your strategy. Earn as much coin or gold as you can because then you can spend these coins on useful things.

Features of Idle Wizard School Mod APK

Idle Wizard School Mod APK

The game has the following features.

Upgrade School Building             

If you want to increase your income or coins, then you have to upgrade your school building on regular basis.

Get Magical Coins                         

Magical coins are important because, with the help of these coins, you can build and upgrade classrooms, halls, hostels, and sports fields. You can get magical coins from the magic shop.

Motivate Students                           

You are the managing director of the school, so it should be your utmost priority to motivate your students. You can do this by training more magicians.

Open New Course                            

You can open new courses for students such as dorms, characters, spells, and buildings, and can also announce new magic prizes for the students of your school.

Make Your Wizard Class Interesting

If you want that your wizard class should look interesting and informative, then you can do this by following all the available missions.


The game developer did an excellent job of adding beautiful graphics. The game is also easy to play due to its user-friendly interface. You will surely enjoy the graphics of the game.

Register Students in Different Courses             

In this game, students have the option to register for different courses at a time to learn different magical skills such as sorcery and brewing herbs.


This game has a lot of wizard stories and is also a very interesting game to play. You will not get bored while playing the game. In the game, you have a key role as a managing director of a school. You will build and increase the level of school with the help of other characters (players). Download and enjoy playing this game.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the students register themselves in several classes?

Answer: Yes, the students can register themselves in many classes.

  1. Is this game ad-free?

Answer: No, this game contains ads but these ads can help you in speed up your coins.

  1. Can we receive coins when offline?

Answer: Yes, you can receive coins when you are offline at the magic shop.

  1. Is this game is free to download?

Answer: Yes, this game is free to download.

  1. Is this game safe?

Answer: Yes, this game is safe to use. Do not worry it does not damage your device.

  1. Can I download Idle Wizard School Mod APK from Google Play Store?

Answer: Yes, The game is available there so you can download it from Google Play Store.



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