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Nitro TV is an Internet Protocol Television that is subscription-based. It is used for watching different live channels. The app offers more than 6000 live channels. It is the most popular and famous streaming app that offers many live channels. It cost $20 monthly. This app also has multiple subscription plans. So it is not free like other streaming apps but its content is also best than others.

This app offers live channels from all over the world. Most of the stream lovers use this app for watching live channels. It provides the best content and contains the world’s best famous live channels. It works better with Express VPN. In this app more than 2500 streams are HD. It also presents the PPV events.

Feature of Nitro TV IPTV

Multiple channels

This app offers more than 6000 live channels. All the channels contain huge content. It covers live channels from all over the world. It mostly targets the world’s best channels. All the channels provide quality content. So the users can explore and watch their favorite channels. It is mostly liked due to multiple channels.

HD streams

This app has a fantastic feature that the streams in this app are HD. More than 2500 streams are HD in this app. The HD streams increase the entertainment. In HD streams all the scenes of movies can be seen clearly.

PPV events

Most of the streaming applications do not have access to PPV events. Nitro TV IPTV has access to various PPV events. It is the unique and amazing feature of this app. Now the users have access to watch the PPV events by using this application.

User-friendly interface

The interface of any application plays an important role in its popularity. The user likes a simple interface that can be managed easily. This app has a very simple and user-friendly interface. Its interface is also best for the Firestick and Fire TV users.

Express VPN

This app works very best with the Express VPN. So the users have to use this app efficiently. The Express VPN is best for this app.

Supports Multiview Streamings

Multiview streamings are the wish of every stream lovers. But most of the streaming app do not support the multiview streamings. Nitro TV IPTV supports the multiview streamings. So it is an advanced and unique feature of this application. This feature also makes this application preferable.

One day trial

This app gives one day trial to the users before full subscription. This trail only costs $4 for one day. So the users have a chance to view the services of the app before Subscription.

Nitro TV Subscription Plan/Packages 2021

$6023+1 Free Month
$10025+2 Free Month
$18029+3 Free Month

How to download Nitro TV on Android?

The Nitro TV needs to be installed manually because it is not available in Google Play Store. There is a very simple and easy process to install it. The download and install process is given below

  1. Go to the settings and enable “apps from unknown sources.”
  2. Search the APK file and click on it.
  3. Tap on “Install” to install the app.
  4. It takes a few seconds to install.
  5. After installation tap on the “open” button to open and use the app.

How to download Nitro TV on Android TV, Fire TV, and Fire Stack?

The downloading process of Nitro TV on Android TV, Fire TV, and Fire Stack is given below. Follow the process to install this app easily.

  1. Tap on Settings on the home screen.

Nitro TV

2. Search and click on” MyFireTv”.

Nitro TV

3. Go to the developer option and tap on it.

4. Tap on “apps from unknown sources”.

5. “Turn on” it to download apps from unknown sources.

Nitro TV

6. Go to the home screen.

7. Type the downloader on the home screen and search it.

Nitro TV

8. Tap on the downloader app.

Nitro TV


9. After this open the downloader app.

Nitro TV

10. After opening the downloader, tap on the “Allow” button.

11. In “Quick Start Guide” click on the “ok” button

Nitro TV

12. Click on settings and “enable JavaScript”.

13. Enter the URL of the app and tap on “Go”.

14. The downloading process takes a few time.

15. To install the app tap on the “Install” button.

16. It will be installed in a few seconds.

17. To delete APK file tap on “Delete”.

Nitro TV

18. Click on the “Delete” button to confirm the delete.

19. To find Nitro TV go to my apps.

Nitro TV

20. Open the app and enjoy streaming.

Nitro TV

How to download Nitro TV on smart TV?

It is very easy to download Nitro TV on smart TV. There some steps that guide you to download and install this app on smart TV.

  1. First of all download the” ES File Explorer”. It is available in the Google play store.
  2. Open the download manager section and clicks on the right corner three dots.
  3. Tap on the “New” button.
  4. Enter the URL of Nitro TV and download it.
  5. Install the app after download it.
  6. Open the app after installation and enjoy the movies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this app free?

Answer: No it is a subscription-based application. It has multiple subscription plans.

  1. Is this app works on multiple platforms?

Answer: Yes, this app works on multiple Platforms.

  1. Is this app presents PPV events?

Answer: Yes, this app presents the PPV events.

  1. Is this safe?

Answer: Yes, this app is safe to use. Do not hesitate about its safety.

  1. Is this app has multiview feature?

Answer: Yes, this app has a multiview feature.

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