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There are many types of games available in the market but out of them, few are very interesting and you will like to play these games the whole day without taking any break. Shop Titans Mod APK is also among these addictive games that you will surely enjoy. In this game guide, we will discuss tips and tricks for playing this game.

Shop titans mod APK

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GameShop Titans
Compatible with android version5.0 +
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What is Shop Titans Mod APK?

Shop titans mod APK is an android game developed by Kabam games and is compatible with android version 5.0 and above. This game is based on the heroic theme in which heroes save the poor people of the village from the evil forces. Though, the game is somehow different from other games because in other games you will play the role of a hero and enjoy winning and crushing your enemies.

Shop titans

In shop titans mod APK, you will not participate in the game and will not fight with evil forces. Instead, you will be the owner of a store in the town. You have all the armor and weapons in your store. The heroes who fight against evil will come to your store and buy weapons.

If you want to create a store and sell weapons then this game is for you. Don’t think that your role is insignificant because you are playing a big role by providing weapons to the heroes for fighting against villains. By creating and selling weapons, you become rich. Make as many weapons as you can to help heroes, elves, dwarfs, and soldiers in providing them the required weapons.

Build and Grow your Business

The game will provide you an opportunity to build your business but it’s your skills and administration abilities that can grow your business. Though you are helping and providing weapons for the safety of your town your priority should be the growth of your business.

Shop titans mod APK

Create an optimal balance of stamina and profit by offering discounts on a certain item and then hiking their prices. Ensure that your inventory is enough and upgraded.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Shop Titans Mod APK

Shop titans just like other games is a challenging game and it will teach you how to build a successful business. Follow these tips to maximize your profit and help heroes in saving your town.

Shop titans mod APK

  1. Keep enough inventory

Every business wants to retain its customers. One of the basic steps for retaining the customers is to keep enough inventory so that you have all the items that a customer needs. Remember, you cannot store items more than the limited amount. The best idea is to keep one item available and start crafting items immediately after their sale.

  1. Offer Discounts

Another way to attract more customers is to provide discounts on some items and then you can increase the price of items by using stamina. But don’t use stamina only because the stamina is available for some reason.

  1. Explore the world by going on quests

There are some items that you cannot create but quests help you in creating these items. Go on quests, explore the world and collect different materials that are required for creating different items.

  1. Invest in the village

The success of any business depends on the environment. You can invest in your town to upgrade and bring more people. Become a charitable agent and upgrade the building of your surroundings.

How to download Shop Titans Mod APK On your Android Mobile?

You can download this game from Play Store, but if you cannot download it from Play Store, follow these steps to download and install the game on your mobile.


  • Go to the settings and enable “apps from unknown sources.”
  • Search the APK file and click on it.
  • Tap on “Install” to install the app.
  • It takes a few seconds to install.
  • After installation, tap on the “open” button to open and use the app.


Do you want to build a business empire and dominate your opponents? If yes, then download and install the shop titans mod APK to start building your merchant empire.






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