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You'll encounter a clever and savage beast in Sneaky Sasquatch. This vast campground is home to Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot.
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Sneaky Sasquatch Apk is a new action game, and you can play as the main character in this game. The game is a combination of platformer and stealth game. In this game, you must sneak into the Bigfoot’s house and steal the Bigfoot’s treasure. If you are not careful, the Bigfoot will kill you. You must use the skills and items you find in the game. The game is free to download and play, but some extra items can be purchased with real money.

Sneaky Sasquatch Apk

What is Sneaky Sasquatch Apk?

The whole game is summed up in one title. You’ll encounter a clever and savage beast in Sneaky Sasquatch. This vast campground is home to Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot. You must discover particular spots in the wide world where specific goods may be found in addition to foraging in campsites.

You must remember precisely what you did the day before to get the appropriate gear the next day. Unfortunately, sight and sound meter surround non-playable individuals in this free open-world game. The NPCs, on the other hand, are given a lot of leeways.

Unless you are detected, “Ranger Danger” is triggered. You must be apprehended and sent by the camp wardens. You’ll have access to golf carts, motorbikes, and even walking to attempt to get away.

Sneaky Sasquatch’s immersive experience is the icing on the cake of this fun game. This 2-dimensional game can only be made ludicrous by engaging with campers. But, generally, the game is thrilling since it keeps you on the tip of your seats throughout.

Type of creatures that you can eat

Sneaky Sasquatch is a game where you are a little sasquatch that wants to steal all the food in the world.

You can run, jump, climb and use tools to help you in your quest. You can also collect money by eating other creatures. The game has many levels and a variety of creatures to eat. There are different types of creatures that you can eat:

  • Birds
  • Rabbits
  • Squirrels
  • Fish
  • Bats
  • Other animals

You can also get money by collecting it from other creatures.

Features of Sneaky Sasquatch Apk

Participate in the daily Sasquatch activities, such as:

  • Find out what campgrounds have to provide
  • Make it appear as if you are human
  • The coolers and picnic baskets left unattended aren’t safe
  • Golf for nine holes only the span of a few minutes
  • For fishing trips in a lake, you must go to the area nearby
  • Sausage may be cooked in an engine block.
  • Rangers chase you through the park
  • Discover what is beneath the earth’s surface.
  • Lessons on snowboarding
  • Players can purchase or upgrade their cars in the game
  • Enhance the efficiency of your home’s energy use by using ducks
  • Apartments for rent are located in the area.
  • In the role of a top executive with an enterprise of a significant size
  • Get a camera and capture your memories
  • Make photos of local papers
  • Taxi drivers everywhere must have a license
  • Fashion ducks can help you design the perfect outfit
  • Ferries transport you to islands
  • Your surfboard will amaze the locals with your ability to shred waves
  • The purchase of a boat allows you to fish in saltwater.
  • Have someone else take a waterski along with you
  • Halloween celebrations, carving pumpkins, and trick-or-treating
  • Dogs that are lost or abandoned can be adopted by and looked after
  • Skirball battles, snowballs fights, and Battle Royals
  • Creature skeleton constructed from dinosaur bones
  • Together with your dog and your dog, you can go on a tour of the wrecked ships and hunt for treasures from pirates
  • A police officer is able to write tickets for speeding and traffic violations.
  • The smell of sewers can cause you to smell terrible
  • You can alter your vehicle with a custom tire, wheel, or other parts.
  • Participate in 360-degree spins and motocross competitions
  • Deliver services to companies that deliver products
  • Monster trucks are used that crush car


Avoid obstacles if you have the ability to fulfill tasks. Then you need to download and install this new Sneaky Sasquatch Apk game on your smartphone. And you’ll love achieving skills while avoiding obstacles and earning the title of a pro gamer.

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