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Himzi Liker Indonesia only gives you 150-500 reactions per request, and there is a gap of 30 minutes or more following which you can resend another request.
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Today we present an incredible Android application which is well-known in Indonesia. However, this doesn’t mean that the application is exclusive to the country in question, as anyone can download it, regardless of the country they reside in. In reality, I’m discussing Himzi Liker Indonesia.

Himzi Liker Apk Indonesia

As you’ve noticed, social media has emerged as a compelling method to grow businesses by bringing more people to their doors.

This is why a day is filled with people and businesses trying to expand their business via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and various other social media websites.

However, becoming famous or selling your services or products through social media is quite difficult because the public is getting smarter and more sophisticated each day.

So, for the users looking for something more appealing because they are well-known and have excellent reviews, likes and followers? This means that until and unless you receive some reviews, likes and followers or on other social networks, you won’t be able to achieve your objectives.

So, I’ve created an easy solution for those who face issues with the increasing number of reactions to their Facebook pages and posts or groups. Since Himzi Auto, the app is one of the newest Auto tools for you, which allows you to gain free, unlimited and genuine Cyber likes.

About Himzi Liker Official

Is Himzi Liker Official program is a website tool that offers real, cost-free infinite Facebook Likes. If I say unlimited, this doesn’t mean you will get 10,000, 5000 or 15000 auto likes in one go.

There isn’t a software that can react in that quantity, it’s against Facebook regulations, and you’ll be banned from Facebook.

Thus, Himzi Liker Indonesia only gives you 150-500 reactions per request, and there is a gap of 30 minutes or more following which you can resend another request.

This is how you can earn anywhere from between 10,000 and 15000 Himzi likes. Therefore, I ask you to use it responsibly because there is a chance of being blocked forever from Facebook.

Basic Features of Himzi Liker Apk

Spam Free and Real Likes

It offers you similar likes that real people make since it features an exchange system which allows users to share their responses via the tool. This web-based tool or application offers you likes that are not spam.

Instant Likes

Another feature we would all like to see in an Auto Liker software is that it has to be able to offer us services in a short time. This amazing tool I’ve presented to you can be able to perform fast and accurately.


It’s free to download and use.


If I say that it’s customizable, you can limit the number of likes to 150-500 on Facebook posts such as photos, videos, pages, and groups. However, there is an upper limit on the number of requests you can send where you’re only permitted to send the second request within 30 minutes gap. In addition, you can’t achieve more than 15,000 followers on any of your posts.

Simple and Convenient

It is a simple and user-friendly interface that everyone can navigate comfortably.

How to Download Himzi Liker Indonesia Apk?

If you’re looking to download the latest Apk file for the Himzi, follow these steps to get maximum Facebook reactions to your statuses and pages.

  1. Click or tap on the Download button, which I’ve provided at the bottom of the article.
  2. Choose a destination folder to start uploading the files.
  3. Then, select Continue.
  4. Sometimes, wait for some (time length varies depending on Internet connections).
  5. You are now done downloading and can install the Apk file onto your Android phones.

How to use Himzi Auto Liker?

Its use is simple since it functions just like every other online tool works. But, there’s an instruction step-by-step I’ve included below that can help you use the tool with ease.

  1. Start the app or go to the official website for the app. The choice is entirely up to you.
  2. There you will find the login form displayed on your device

‘s screen.

  1. You must give your FB login information on the page you would like to be liked.
  2. Then you will receive an acknowledgement in the form of text.
  3. Copy the text and paste it into the box asking you to enter the token.
  4. In minutes, it will prompt you to fill in the “~Captcha located in front of the screen.
  5. A few seconds later, you’ll be presented with two choices “~Himzi Likes’ and “~Himzi Reactions’.
  6. It’s up to you the option you choose to go with.
  7. If you’ve chosen the first option, you’ll be able to see the various choices “~STATUS LIKES”, “~PHOTO LIKES’, “~VIDEO LIKES’.
  8. Select one of the options.
  9. Select the post.
  10. Set the maximum number of reactions you wish to have, starting at 150 and going up to 500.
  11. Click or tap on the button to send.
  12. Wait for a couple of minutes, and you’ll see immediate responses.


That’s it, folks! I’ve been a loyal Facebook user for the past decade now, and I can say that Himzi Liker has helped greatly in creating a profile that is brand-able and recognizable during my journey. How about you? What was your experience with the application?

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